Strelka Students Final Exhibition

Foresight in Hindsight studio pavilion

Strelka Institute for Media Architecture and Design

Co-curator with Lindsay Harkema

Moscow, 2013

Foresight in Hindight studio of the Strelka Institude dealt with the questions related to how previous generations envisioned the future. By creating a database ( of these visions and analyzing them, the studio developed a better understanding of the historical moments when those predictions were created as well as identified the patterns of human ability to foresee the future.

The pavilion forms a part of the common Final Strelka Student Exhibition and represents the general topic of the studio as well as includes reminiscences to the individual student projects. The space was transformed into a Soviet living room which after a careful examination reveals a number of inclusions from the future.

An old slide-projector is projecting the website created by the studio, a black-and-white TV is showing the futuristic images, a Google map of the USSR is hanging on the wall, a revolutionary banner refers to the date of recent protests.. The anachronisms found in this living room intend to arise an awareness of the relativity of people’s perception of the future.







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