Фотоосновы. Современная предметная фотография

Photobasis. Contemporary Object Photography

Exhibition at the State Museum of Applied Arts

Co-curator with Anton Zabrodin


Moscow, 2013

This exhibition, initiated by Sonya Guimon and Anton Zabrodin and supported by the State Museum of Applied Arts, focused on the contemporary Russian photography. The participants were limited in the choice of technique but not in the topics; they were asked to place their photographs on the objects’ surfaces instead of the conventional paper. It resulted into a number of techniques, such as printing on mugs or cutting boards, projection on milk, or hand-print on the mirrors.

In fact, this show became a continuation of the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts where the everyday objects of historical or artistic value are displayed. Suddenly these objects get a lot of attention and using them for their intended purpose becomes out of question. The show uses this time-proved exhibition principles, and complements the power of the exhibition spaces with the power of large space. The exhibitions hall counts 640 m² where 12 works were exhibited.

Unlike of the exhibition, where the objects were maximally isolated from their everyday purpose, in the catalogue they appear placed in the natural environments, the cups being washed, the curtain being hung on the window, the credit cards being paid with.



Photobasis. Contemporary Object Photography


Фотоосновы. Современная предметная фотография — выставка во Всероссийском музее декоративно-прикладного и народного искусства

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