Tretya Meshanskaya, 1927

Human Perception of the Urban Environment: 1920s Cinema

In frame of Master program ¨Theory, history and analysis of architecture¨, Madrid Superior School of
Architecture, Madrid Technical University. 2011-2012


Tretya Meschanskaya, dir. Abram Room, 1927


Man with a Movie Camera, dir. Dziga Vertov, 1929


Nothing but Time, dir. A.Cavalcanti, 1926


Table of contents

I. Introduction

II. Documentary cinema

1. Urban symphonies
2. Transport in the urbanism and the poetry of the movement
3. Rhythm of the urban life
4. Social problems and urbanistic solutions
5. Technological progress: objects and concept

III. Fiction cinema

1. Fiction movies as a historical source
2. Countryside and city, inside and outside: the opposite environments
3. Crowd: transitive theme of the cinema

IV. Conclusion

Reference films

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (dir. Walter Ruttman, 1927)
Man with a Movie Camera (dir. Dziga Vertov, 1929)
Nothing but Time (dir. A.Cavalcanti, 1926).
The Crazy Ray (dir. Rene Claire, 1923)
The Street (dir. Karl Grune, 1923)
Asphalt (dir. Joe May, 1929)
The House on Trubnaya Street (dir. Boris Barnet, 1928)
Tretya Meschanskaya (dir. Abram Room, 1927)